Unique Approach

Same Intent, New Way

Retail tech companies want to make or save retailers 8-10 figures by using AI to show how merchandising decisions will pan out. Everyone claims to be fast to prove, affordable, and highly accurate. Though retailers still remain skeptical with the options to date. We agree, therefore have a different philosophy very few have clicked to. In fact, 3 of the largest retailers globally have each spent 9 figures in acquisitions and investments to have a capability we are productizing for all.

C-Suite? Merch Exec? Take Note.

What’s The Major Problem?

Planning systems (which have weak AI), are expensive, time consuming, and not accurate. Their purpose is to capture merchandising and supply chain workflow; not solving the true commercial problem of showing which decisions achieve maximal retailing ROI. Data science initiatives internally or consultancies may be more accurate, affordable, and pointed to the relevant question of which decisions drive results. Though the outputs are projects. Projects aren’t fast, scalable, nor are they best in class productized solutions.

What’s The Major Opportunity?

Yes, let’s address the underlying commercial opportunity of value creation, but differently. At a click of a button, our cloud based system quickly produces predictions on 100s of thousands of SKUs, for thousands of stores, every day, contextual to the merchandising decisions (ranging/assortment, inventory/replenishment, allocation, pricing/promotion, etc.). This invisible AI works adjacently to existing merchandising applications, unifies all disparate data and systems, and acts as a central/single source of truth within the retailer. Critically it has a feedback loop; it improves by learning from real world outcomes and decisions.

Why The Urgency Now?

Any large retailer will say “in retrospect, we can identify all the merchandising decisions we should have taken last year if we wanted to make or save 8-10 figures”. That will happen again this year. Alternatively in weeks our AI platform can start to resolve all that. It instantly, accurately, and at scale answers “what’s the best decision to make”, to achieve your ROI goals i.e. gross profit, margin, stock turn, inventory holding value cash on hand, let alone supply chain efficiencies and serving the customer best.


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