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Power millions of merchandising & supply chain decisions with just one, central, enterprise AI engine. Shift your thinking. This is a revolution for retailing.

Why Miss Out?

Be the best at retailing, merchandising, and supply chain. Hyper-optimization is here.

The Value of Accuracy?

$10 million? $100 million? $1 billion? More? Just translate the top and bottom line value, of being just 1% more or less accurate in decisions across the board. Put a value to such trust and confidence. Our market best accuracy is thanks to being the first AI engine-as-a-service in retail.

Hyper-optimize with per product, per store, per day granularity (which can roll up). Merchandisers need options and the best decisions to make. That achieves the right product, right price, right place, right quantity, right time.

Precision Gets The Best Outcome
The algorithms (our advanced proprietary IP, external scientific research, and mainstream methods) are thrown together in a pot. Get the best of all worlds, not limited by a name-brand system, or breadth of PhDs. The system identifies a unique best model/algorithm for each of your millions of decisions. No algorithm average to rule them all. And what does superior accuracy do? True propensity
Improve profit, cost of capital, and free up cash
Grow sales, gross margin, and sell through
Better inventory profitability, holding value, GMROI
Minimize opportunity cost & cannibalization
Reduce supply chain & fulfillment costs

Especially when it’s very usable

Our predictions are highly dynamic towards what they’re trying to forecast. They are both deterministic (for autonomous merchandising) and probabilistic (showing the likelihood of outcomes). It includes a clear picture of error (tolerance for naturally random effects). With machine learning, confidence only gets better and learn from you.

Use Case Contextual

Each internal user get the right custom prediction to their role and situation. The more actionable, the more useful.

Probabilistic & Point

Receive true demand propensity to change your thinking. Alternatively factor in all the complexities and constraints to get an answer.

Real-Time & Scalable

Thousands of predictions in seconds, (hundreds of thousands in minutes, and so on). You’re not waiting days or hours; like all other platforms on the market for the same. Unlimited concurrent usage for serious retail enterprises with high demands, across multiple different use cases and users.
Short Term
Make quality fast decisions by the minute, without delay.
Ahead of Time
Get yourself plenty of leeway for more considerations.
Infinite Use
Thousands of users across the company can batter the system simultaneously.
Super Powerful
Endlessly run many millions of scenarios and best decisions for profit