ML Data Ingestor

Centralize all your disparate retailing systems

Unifying is the future. Build up your internal retailing IP. Pull from all your various applications and departments. The cloud based, data ingestor learns it in real time. It’s easy, robust, and fast.

Most Advanced ML In Merchandising

Proprietary models & algorithms

Truly cutting edge and perfect for retail. Combining several deep learning / interpretable & probabilistic forecasting methods, for high dimensional time series.

World class researched techniques

Leveraging many advanced statistical or neural network breakthroughs from leading scientific papers and applied practitioners.

Ensembling & auto-deployment

In seconds our platform ensembles our algorithms, and auto-serves a unique “best model” to each of millions scenario x

Rapid & Easy on Terabytes/Billions of rows

Internal Data Examples
Messy data? No issue for the platform. Bullet fast. Securely protected. Encrypted at rest and with customer keys.
Transaction data, incl. omnichannel
Inventory movements
Product information (as attributes)
Seasonal and promo calendars
Other Data Examples
Our streaming data architecture combines internal data with unstructured, non retail, or external points. *Upon request.
Constraints & processes
Events, weather, demographics*
Competitor insights*
Trends & sentiment*