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Throw everything you know about enterprise sales/purchase of technology out the window. Request access to your cloud-based, centralized, AI platform now.

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Merely days to scope an opportunity, ingest data, machine learn, predict, provide actions, measure them, and machine learn from them. That's results in a week. Thereafter you can take the full AI engine, or work with us on a custom application. We’ve thought of your concerns:

Financial Considerations

We more think it’s crazy to delay the idea of making or saving money. There’s no forking out of large formal budgets at the early stage of engagements.

Resource Considerations

People in merchandising, supply chain, and IT are busy. That’s why you we fly to you. We don’t interrupt, we’ll do your end of the work, to progress towards results.

Early Process With Us

You can request access to our platform imminently (to send data and receive predictions). Alternatively, our process is below. Consider how low/high touch you’d like to be. Some retailers want to pick a specific category/use case in merchandising and compare our predictions vs actual sales. Others wish to receive forecasts on “the best decision to make”; really collaborate, and test it. Both work.
Identify a valuable and short horizon opportunity to prove
Return an exciting proposal for commercial approval
Low touch work for us to gather relevant information
Provide the platform’s predictions/decisions immediately
Measure success, and align on further roll out

Done In Days. Not Months.

Getting my data in order will take time. We have many constraints too?
This is a misconception. Short answer: this is a fast step and the work is on us; not you. Long answer: First AI is getting better at working with data and retailing information that is messy, spare, incomplete, unlabeled, etc. Second we have other ingestion methods (for both data and nuanced operational constraints) that can help. Third we have a data engineering and retailing team who can take care of this, if you don’t wish to. Fourth if you don’t want your workflow interrupted, we’ll probably fly to you to not disrupt your priorities, or delay getting to business results. In other words we’ll position someone with technical and/or retailing calibre at your HQ to gather everything before starting. With larger retailers, your data and constraints are probably in good order given you are using sophisticated solutions where you save them somewhere.
We have a highly nuanced way of merchandising. How will you learn about it?
The number 1 feedback we hear from retailers about other retail solutions is “they don’t get our business”. Every retailer is very different and we absolutely love getting stuck in to complexities by whatever level of involvement you can enable. Some prefer observational, others want very deep dives. Please keep in mind; you will be assigned a retail leader who will really appreciate how unique your operations are from the perspective of your strategies, customers, stores, suppliers, merchandisers, supply chain operators, metrics, internal decision makers, and so forth.
Do you normalise out days where we had no inventory?
Yes, all our forecasts are made after normalizing the data in a multitude of ways, including normalizing out any days in which a store was out of stock, or a “zero out”. This is one way in which we ensure that we are measuring future demand rather than simply fitting to historical sales.
Omnichannel? BOPIS? Loyalty? Supplier Credit? Open To Buy?
Of course! This shouldn’t even be a question. Are you kidding? It’s not the 80s. There’s a lot that will make your business special, modern, or challenging. It’s mandatory that any platform works with that, and our people understand these.

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