Collectively Drive Profit

Billions of dollars, millions of decisions, thousands of considerations, hundreds of users, dozens of systems… plus your hundreds of thousands of SKUs, thousands of stores, the list goes on. Underpin everyone in merchandising, supply chain, and beyond with the ability to make the best decisions. By being cloud based, it’s easily accessible via a click within existing systems (or tools we build in adjacency).

Everyone will know the future and which decisions deliver ROI.

A single version of truth creates consistency and cohesion across all roles. No system on the market can give you that. Be equipped ahead of time. Benefits the customer, suppliers, financial performance, and operations.
Big Picture Dollars
Grow profits, revenues, sales. Free up cash and improve cost of capital.
Retailing Metrics
Improve margin, stock turn, out of & in stock %, GMROI, inventory holding value.
Operational Numbers
Better profitability on inventory, fulfillment, space, workforce, etc.
The Priceless
Address customer expectations, internal operations, and market competitiveness.
Build all your applications around it
  • Decades of relevance
  • Unique to you
  • AI enable everyone
  • Scalable costs

And Technology ROI

Why divert to the same choices of large applications, consulting engagements, or data science teams? This productizes problem solving, and makes that repeatable and expandable to all areas.

Retailers may be complex and different. But simply put, placing a brain at the center of your business is the most modern and serious transformation pathway.

The Inevitable Way Forward

Dealing To Planning Unknowns In Beauty
Retail Strategies
Staying Ahead Of Local Customer Expectations In Apparel
Retail Strategies

Merchandising Uses

Price & Promotions

Replen & Inventory



Complex Forecasting

Category Management


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Power millions of merchandising & supply chain decisions with just one, central, enterprise AI engine. Shift your thinking. This is a revolution for retailing.

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Be the best at retailing, merchandising, and supply chain. Hyper-optimization is here.