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A forecasting engine that underpins decisions in the multi-trillion dollar retail industry. Let’s ensure it solves problems and creates value. Let’s keep this product as the most accurate in the trickiest areas. Let’s make the platform easy to use and super scalable. To collaborate with us on retailing strategies or advanced scientific research in machine learning and forecasting, email To apply for the positions below or send an open application, email
Senior ML & Forecasting Research Scientist
Relevant PhD at minimum. 6+ years commercial expertise in R&D pertaining to novel machine learning and forecasting methods. Capability to productionize is required.. Auckland or Los Angeles.
Senior AI (ML) Engineer
Relevant PhD, or masters at minimum. 5+ years industry experience in productionizing AI research into highly robust and scalable solutions. Solid understanding of the underlying techniques. Auckland or Los Angeles.
Senior Data Engineer
10+ years experience in products with large and complex data pipelines, enterprise APIs, etc. 7+ years if your experience is relevant i.e. retail merchandising, supply chain, inventory, etc. platforms. Auckland or Los Angeles.
Retail Delivery Lead
10+ years experience in retail merchandising & supply chain optimization and software. Strong understanding required of the art and metrics of retailing. Los Angeles, Melbourne, Remote.
Internal Retailing Educator
15+ year career within global top 50 retailers performing merchandising or supply chain leadership roles. Strong analytics and business background required, with forecasting on niche events, new products, seasonality, etc. Los Angeles, Auckland, Melbourne, or Remote.
Industry Engagement Lead
10+ year record in closing collaborations between SaaS companies and with reputable groups globally. E.g. research leaders, institutes, academics, for areas of machine learning, forecasting, data science, and artificial intelligence. Melbourne, Auckland, Los Angeles, New York.
Partnership Manager (External Platforms)
8+ years record in closing and managing integration partnerships with top tier or emerging enterprise software companies. 5+ years if your experience is directly relevant e.g. retail systems. Los Angeles or New York.


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