Options to visualize, action, and win.

Our Philosophy
Look, we’re in this with you to drive big commercial impact. To generate or save you money. To achieve retailing metrics. To streamline operations. To make your people, customers, and suppliers happy. Let’s do what’s best for all that.
Custom Applications
To solve your use case professionally and drive real value, we prefer building you a beautiful tool. Our contextual predictions will feed into that. We’ll quickly get it perfect to your merchandising teams’ requirements.

Flexible APIs into your workflow

In the interim, we always visualize results via a simple, secure dashboard. You may use these to view results/predictions/recommendations in adjacency to your existing workflow.
We can integrate the predictions into ERPs/platforms you currently use. Those platforms will request the engine for specific predictions to achieve goals. For any user across your internal value chain.
If not us, we have an ecosystem of top tier or boutique partners who can develop a custom application for you to use. Your internal team may develop an application too.
100 %
Engine Uptime*
4300 +
Billion $s To Underpin
100 %
Guarantee Results


Category management, range assortment, pricing, promotion


Inventory management, allocation, markdown, financial planning

Supply Chain

Omni-replenishment, fulfillment, DC/warehousing